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Tom has enabled me to have greater range of motion, better alignment and significantly less physical pain and stress.
By Tom coming to our house we have been able to enjoy the massage in the friendly confines of our home.  By Tom coming to the house we have also avoided the drudgery of having to travel to get a massage while allowing us the opportunity to invite friends to participate in the massage experience. 
- Mary & Dean M., Retired

It's great that Tom comes to my house, cause I can go right to bed afterwards and sleep great.I started getting a massage for the relaxation and stress relief.But my sore shoulder and joints from tennis and wallyball are now much improved.  
- Kevin G., Engineer

What To Expect
The therapist will come to your home, with everything needed for the massage. The client will need to simply provide a space large enough for the massage table.

Before the first session, a new client will fill out a short medical history form. The therapist will conduct a short interview with the client to understand their needs, medical history, and general reasons for the massage appointment.  

Following the interview, the client will then prepare for their session. The client will be covered at all times with the exception of the area being worked at that time. 

After the session, the therapist will check to see how the client feels. Once the post interview is complete, the massage table will be packed up, and the therapist will leave. 

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